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Ok, before you go all “da fuq she posted?” let me explain…

The girl in the top three pictures is Katarina Johnson-Thompson, she is a heptathlete and she competed during the olympic games. But whenever I saw her… the only one I could think of was my dear friend Emma (aka Ämmlingen).

On the two photos of her she is cosplaying and photos do not really show what I saw XD

I might just be really wierd, because they aren’t THAT much alike… but still, my brain tells me they are haha

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  1. emmlingen said: Hahaha oh Malin X’D but you know… we kinda have the same nose, and very similar eyes… and the more I look at her the more alike she is…that’s kinda scary o_o YOU’VE FOUND A DOPPELGANGER!!
  2. valaid posted this
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